Facilitating Dialogue

Developed by Personalities At Work, Delivered by The Mattam Group

Every day at work groups meet to discuss a variety of issues and opportunities regarding the organization itself and its customers. Many of these conversations involve formal, scheduled meetings. Others involve informal discussions between 2 or 3 people who just “get together” to talk about some concerns or opportunities.

Whether formal or informal, planned or spontaneous, these meetings are vehicles that provide tremendous opportunities for us to take charge of the organization’s collective future. This program teaches participants the perspectives and skills they need to conduct conversations that lead to genuine understanding, innovative collaboration and concrete results.

By attending this course participants will learn to:
  • Understand the three types of conversation; debate, skilled discussion and dialogue
  • Apply three critical skill sets for skilled discussion and dialogue; advocacy skills, reflection skills and inquiry skills
  • Apply strategic facilitation skills to move from dialogue to concrete decision making in your organization


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