Leading Change

Over the past three decades, organizational change has grown exponentially and is only increasing as time goes on.  These days, change, and leadership through change, are the top concerns of senior level management in companies all over the world. Leaders need to be equipped with the skills to make transitions smooth in order to maintain harmony in organizational culture and performance. Effective leadership will motivate employees, allowing change to occur in a cohesive manner. This course will ensure that your leaders know how to facilitate teamwork, partnership, trust, and communication in the midst of organizational change.

By attending this program, participants will learn to:
  • Lead change effectively through an overview of a Change Management Model
  • Define the benefits of planning and implementing change in both small and large teams 
  • Apply a range of practical tools to manage the change process
  • Understand the impact of change and transition personally and organizationally
  • Create a change plan tailored to the needs of their whole organization


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