The Communication Zone

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Part A: The Power of Interaction Styles

Have you ever wondered why you communicate differently than your co-workers or why your approach to work and work relationships conflicts with others? Part A of The Communication Zone focuses on the Interaction Styles Model which explains how people interact and influence each other and how they function effectively in teams. This model identifies powerful drives and underlying beliefs that help develop rapport and strengthen collaboration. 

By attending this program, participants will:
  • Identify their own preferred style and learn to maximize communication effectiveness  
  • Use their natural talents to get better results and create buy-in for their ideas
  • Recognize the styles of others and use differences to create stronger teams and better collaboration
  • Recognize sources of miscommunication and reduce conflict to a minimum
  • Build strong, “conflict-resistant” relationships with co-workers of all types and styles
  • Shift perspectives and learn to communicate in all 4 Interaction Styles
Part B: The Temperament Advantage

In today’s business environment, employees are constantly tasked to do more with less. Did you know that your employees can perform better on a job by aligning it to meet their core needs and strengths?  Knowing one’s own needs and strengths goes a long way toward building successful relationships and collaborations with others who are different. This course will introduce participants to four different styles of psychological needs, values, talents and behaviours. Understanding, including and appreciating these four perspectives is at the core of organizational success at every level. Using real-world situations, participants will apply their learning to professional interactions.

By attending this program, participants will:
  • Know themselves better by learning what drives their optimum performance and job satisfaction
  • Know others better by recognizing the 4 Temperaments and how each one contributes to producing results
  • Use differences from others as a source of strength and creativity in meeting business objectives
  • Understand how personality differences affect communication, problem solving and teamwork
  • Shift perspectives and apply that skill for more effective conflict resolution
  • Maximize personal strengths and minimize weaknesses and blind spots


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